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About : ah Productions

I studied photography in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a Bachelor in FIne Arts. I am also constantly trying to continue my education and craft.

I was once told, a really high percentage of students apply to art school with Photography as their major. Then, within a few years, most eventually change majors to something they are really passionate about. Me? I have been genuinely passionate about Photography since I could hold a camera. I tell people, "I didn't go to school for a profession, I went to school for something that I love!"

During my time at PNCA, I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Pont-Aven, France. While overseas I took the opportunity to visit many beautiful places from Paris to Berlin, Barcelona and London. My travels not only taught me many things about myself, but they taught me to never be far from my camera. I constantly found surprising things around every corner, and while in Europe, I had the time and space in unfamiliar and interesting places to put to good use the things I had been taught.

With ah Productions, I want to provide high quality photography that is accessible to anyone.  My years of structured training, experience and knowledge give me so much more to offer as a photographer. I absolutely love photographing everything and anything! From portrait sessions and weddings to photographing the family dog or graduations, no job is too small to be done professionally. 

You host the event, and I will capture the "ah..." moments in your life.

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